Select the PROJECT you'd like & Click on it.
There are a number of options you have to choose from.
1 - First option is to choose if you want to "Make at a class", Take & Make or have us Make it For You.

3 - When you select the  MAKE AT A CLASS option, a drop down list will appear with the dates available.  You can also view our EVENTS CALENDAR <---- click that link

4 - When you select the DIY KIT option, it will ask if you need paint.

5 - Some items are personalized and  will need names/dates or other info.  Please fill in the text box with that info or any other instructions/requests you may have.

ALL projects listed are available at any class - so we may have a few different types of projects happening at the same time 

Some of our classes are project based where everyone will make the same thing - these are mostly for larger wood items and occasionally wreaths and other crafts.

Some classes are private functions and are listed with "PRIVATE"  in the class name.

If you are taking a class in Moose Jaw, Those classes take place at our retail space   in the Town N Country Mall in Moose Jaw, Sask.  1235 Main St. N

For evening classes, we use our outside entrance located NEAR the outdoor theatre entrance ~ (don't use the theatre entrance) - our door is just to the left where the sidewalk curves  - our logo is on the door and there is a buzzer in the upper right hand corner (it lights up) Just press the buzzer or knock and then give me a couple minutes to get to the door. 

IF you're attending a daytime class you can just come into the mall and find us that way :)

Out of town classes - you will have to refer to your specific event for details!