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Cloth Pads - Heavy

Cloth Pads - Heavy

These are comfortable, adjustable, EASY to wash, and always come in fun prints! The various absorbency levels are comparable to disposables and often more generous. 


The top layer is made with a soft layer of wicking cotton jersey. The inner core includes one layer of bamboo and one layer of super absorbent zorb. They are backed with a specialized water resistant non slip fleece fabric. 


Washing instructions: 


-machine wash on a hot cycle with other laundry such as towels 


-do not use bleach


-pre rinse in a bucket or machine rinse to avoid stains.  Personally I have found that soaking in a bucket of cold water for about 30 min before washing prevents all stains. 


-hang to dry and machine tumble dry low/medium heat 

-heavy pad length is approx. 11" 

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