Colour Me Cushions- Super Heroes

Colour Me Cushions- Super Heroes

The Original Colour Me Cushions

Colour, Wash & Colour Again

Patterns: Super Heroes 

Included: 1 Pillow Form, 1 Pillow Slip Cover & 1 pack of washable markers


  • Colour with any washable marker
  • Once coloured, remove slip and wash in any temperature of water
  • Does not need to be washed separately. It will not stain your clothes if the markers are washable
  • If pillow stays coloured longer then 14 days, spray with stain remover or soak in baking soda or laundry detergent and water for an hour before washing to loosen some of the colour
  • If pillow form needs to be washed, use gentle cycle & cold water Use a mesh laundry bag if available in case pillow splits in the spin cycle

Slip is 100% Cotton

Pillow form - polyester fibre fill with polypropylene case 


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